Why White Cedar?

White cedar is popular for its natural resistance to decay and insect damage with special oils at the heart of its cellular structure. This intrinsic protection ensures that no chemical treatment or additional protection is required. White Cedar has the longest lifesspan of all other woods species, even when these are protected. White cedar is the lightest Canadian wood (335kg/m3). It nails easily without cracking. A stain can be applied to customize its color. White cedar is the preferred wood type for all outdoor applications and is the best choice wherever wood is exposed to the elements.      

White cedar thrives as much in dry limestone areas as it does in wet, marshy areas. In forests, it regenerates quickly and naturally after cutting.      

Machining techniques and today’s technology now use all parts of the tree. The best grades are reserved for making siding, paneling and moldings inside. Common and sub-grade products are mainly used by landscapers.      

A Renewable Resource, White cedar:

* is an ideal material for exterior siding and roofing 

* has a pleasant smell and is ideal for interior applications

* has excellent thermal and acoustic properties

* has natural oils and provides exceptional resistance against mold, rotting  and insects 

* is a stable and durable wood 

* requires no product preservation or maintenance

* is the lightest wood species in Canada
* can be nailed easily without cracking
* holds paint and stains well
* best natural alternative to treated wood           

All the advanced technology research has not succeeded to imitate the unique features and performance of white cedar.

White Cedar’s natural color variations, tight wood grain and soft texture cannot be reproduced with the plastic or composite materials.